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Biography - About Karole Marois

Karole Marois is a visual artist based in Prince Edward County Ontario. Born in the francophone east side of Ottawa and raised by a working single mother, Karole discovered early in life her passion for the arts as a means of connecting with others. A graduate from the Fine Arts program at the Ontario College of Art and Design, she also holds a diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence Italy, as well as a Computer Animation diploma from Sheridan College.

Karole’s work is essentially figurative. Her large format water based paintings focus primarily on the human figure and nature to address universal themes.

Her interest in painting people in different environments led her to voluntarily participate in the Canadian Forces Artist Program Residency (CFAP) in 2005. She was sent to the Netherlands and given the opportunity to observe up close, the training of the Canadian soldiers during the commemorations of the 60th anniversary of the Liberation of Holland. Her large multi panel painting based on this experience, “The Parade”, has been purchased by the Canadian War Museum for its national collection. An even larger installation of 65 panels, “Together Side by Side” has been acquired by the city of Apeldoorn in the Netherlands, where it remains permanently displayed in the City Hall.

Karole’s paintings have been exhibited in galleries and museums across Canada, the US and Europe and can be found in private and public collections. Alongside the creation of her personal artwork, she paints commissions of portraits and murals for the private and public sectors.

Her work has been generously supported by private donors, the Ontario Arts Council and the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

In my studio 2016

Artist Statement - About the Artwork

Painting fulfills my need to record thoughts and feelings in an artistic language, while adding a sensuous element that is fundamental in my work. I use local subject matter to explore universal themes such as solitude and togetherness, loss and preservation, conflict and peace.

My art is essentially figurative, and I am especially passionate about painting people. The human/nature connection is the focus of my recent series of artworks, and is often visually expressed by merging the figure with the natural surroundings. Drawing and painting, I like to blend intense detail with unfinished areas. I use transparent and fluid acrylics on wood, combining my love of watercolour with working large scale.

Since living on the shores of Lake Ontario in Prince Edward County, I am captivated by the people, the land and the water. The protection of this new natural environment is the inspiration for my current body of work.

CV (Résumé)

Karole Marois (AOCA)

241 Prinyers Cove Crescent, Picton, Ontario, Canada K0K 2T0
karolem.artist@gmail.com www.karolem.com 613-223-3549

Solo Exhibitions

2019In Osmosis, Art Gallery Inside, The Armoury (Picton ON)public space
2011Together Side by Side, City Hall (Apeldoorn, The Netherlands)public space, invitation
2010Together Side by Side, Odawa Native Friendship Centre (Ottawa Canada)public space, invitation
2010Together Side by Side, Cartier Square Drill Hall (Ottawa Canada)public space, invitation
2010Together Side by Side, Perley-Rideau Veteran Home (Ottawa Canada)public space, invitation
2010Together Side by Side, Denison Armoury (Toronto,ON)public space, invitation
2003L’Appel du large, Galerie de la Maison de l’Île (Hawkesbury ON)public gallery, jury selection
2002Colourful People, Karsh-Masson Gallery (Ottawa Canada)public gallery, jury selection
2001Quatre saisons, Galerie Eugène-Racette, MIFO (Ottawa Canada)public gallery, jury selection
1999A votre Santé, Théâtre de l’Île (Hull QC)public gallery, jury selection
1996Musicality, A Source of Art Gallery (Ottawa Canada)public gallery, jury selection
1994Musicality, La Galeruche (Timmins ON)public gallery, jury selection
1994Looking for Blue Skies, A Source of Art Gallery (Ottawa Canada)artist co-op gallery, jury selection
1994Diversity, Regional Art Gallery-CRAG (Cornwall ON)public gallery, jury selection
1993Diversity, Regional Art Gallery-CRAG (Cornwall ON)artist co-op gallery, jury selection
1983New Work, Nicholas Art Gallery (Ottawa Canada)commercial gallery
1981The Umbrella Women, Nicholas Art Gallery (Ottawa Canada)commercial gallery

Joint Exhibitions

2006Double Vision, with René Price, Cornwall Regional Art Gallery Cornwall, ON)public gallery, jury selection
2001Quatre saisons, with Serge Duguay, Écomusée (Hull QC)public gallery, jury selection

Travelling Exhibitions

2009-12A Brush with War: Military Art from Korea to Afghanistan - Canadian War Museum (travelling exhibition across Canada)public galleries & museums, jury selection
1991-93Images of American Immigration, US Dept of Justice & Immigration (travelling exhibition from Washington DC to Los Angeles CA)public galleries, competition

Group Exhibitions

2019-17-16-15Prince Edward County Studio Tour (Picton Ontario)jury selection
2019-18-17-16-15-14Art in the County (Picton Ontario)jury selection
2015Prince Edward County Arts Trail (Picton Ontario)jury selection
2014Back Alleys of Ottawa II, CUBE Gallery (Ottawa Canada)commercial gallery
2012RUN, CUBE Gallery (Ottawa Canada)commercial gallery
2011Great Big Smalls, CUBE Gallery (Ottawa Canada)commercial gallery
2011Back Alleys and Lanes of Ottawa, CUBE Gallery (Ottawa Canada)commercial gallery
2010Points of View, Champlain Lookout, CUBE Gallery (Ottawa Canada)commercial gallery
2009The Canadian Portrait, CUBE Gallery (Ottawa Canada)commercial gallery
2006Canadian Forces Artist Program (CFAP), Aviation Museum (Shearwater, NS)museum, jury selection
2005Boots on the Ground, Canadian Embassy (Washington, DC)Embassy gallery, jury selection
2004Arte para todos, Hotel Plaza del General (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)jury selection
2001Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition (Toronto ON)jury selection
2000Of Nature, Agora Gallery (New York, NY)commercial gallery
2000Engouements, Théâtre de la Nouvelle-Scène (Ottawa Canada)public gallery, jury selection
1998Canadian Museum of Nature (Ottawa Canada)national museum, jury selection
1996Int’l Day/Elimination of Racial Discrimination, SAW Gallery (Ottawa Canada)public gallery, jury selection
1992Blizzart, Regional Gallery of Ottawa Carleton (Ottawa Canada)public gallery, jury selection

Artist Residencies

2005Canadian Forces Artist Program, (Netherlands)


2019Visual Arts/ Project, Ontario Arts Council
2019Exhibition Assistance, Ontario Arts Council
2012Visual Arts/Mid-Career, Ontario Arts Council
2011IPEP, Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Culture
2011Exhibition Assistance, Ontario Arts Council
2010Exhibition Assistance, Ontario Arts Council
2009Exhibition Assistance, Ontario Arts Council
2003Exhibition Assistance, Ontario Arts Council
2002Exhibition Assistance, Ontario Arts Council
2001Exhibition Assistance, Ontario Arts Council
1996Exhibition Assistance, Ontario Arts Council
1994Exhibition Assistance, Ontario Arts Council
1993Exhibition Assistance, Ontario Arts Council

Professional Art Activities

2010Independent project, research & creation (Florence, Italy)
2005Independent project, research & creation (Gandia, Spain)
2004Murals, “Arte Para Todos” event, United Nations Development Program, (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)
2003Independent project, research & creation (St.Vincent & the Grenadines)
2002Independent project, research & creation (San Miguel de Allende, Mexico)
1996Independent project, research & creation (Antibes, France)
1994-95Independent project, research & creation (Fréjus, France)
1992Courtroom Artist, Supreme Court of Canada (Ottawa Canada)
1991-presentCommissions of public art, private & public
1987-89Computer Graphic artist for Canvas Digital Art Inc. (Ottawa Canada)
1985-86Portrait Painting teacher, Continuing Education, Algonquin College (Ottawa Canada)
1984Portraitist, Tin House Courtyard (Ottawa Canada)
1977-78Portraitist, Uffizi Galleries (Florence, Italy)

Professional Associations

Prince Edward County Art Council (PECAC)
Prince Edward County Studio Tour
Canadian Artists Representation/Front des artistes canadiens (CARFAC)
Canadian Copyright Collective (CARCC)
Mural Routes


1987-88Computer Animation Diploma, Sheridan College (Oakville, ON)
1979-80Concentration Painting, Accademia di Belle Arti (Florence, Italy)
1977-78Off-campus Program, Ontario College of Art & Design (Florence, Italy)
1975-79AOCAD (Associate of the Ontario College of Art) Diploma, Fine Arts, Ontario College of Art & Design (Toronto ON)


City of Apeldoorn (Apeldoorn, the Netherlands)
Canadian War Museum (Ottawa Canada)
Canadian Museum of Nature (Ottawa Canada)
High Commission of South Africa (Ottawa Canada)
Musée du Royal 22e Régiment/La Citadelle (Québec QC)
The Military Museums (Calgary AB)
City of Pembroke (Pembroke, ON)
Publi-Art Vanier, (Ottawa Canada)

Public Art/Murals

2013Chinatown BIA (City of Ottawa)The Ottawa MarathonMural, 40 x 12 ft
2009Parks CanadaFort WellingtonFigure displays on wood & illustration
2009Joe CotroneoTuscany Mural“Trompe l’oeil” on garage, ‘8 x 20 ft
1994 to 2013Pub Italia (Ottawa CA)Acrylic murals, interior & exterior
2002 to 2009Little Italy BIA (Ottawa CA)Corso ItaliaHeritage mural – 300 x 20 ft – 2 walls
2008City of Pembroke (ON)The Pioneers of PembrokeHeritage mural, 88 x 12 ft
2007City of Pembroke (ON)A Century of ServiceHeritage mural, 16 x 20 ft
2007Parks CanadaCapture of Fort MichilimakinacHistorical mural, 10 x 10 ft
2007Cndn Museum of CivilizationCod Fisheries – Canada HallMurals painted on location
2006City of Vanier (ON)CSCVanierMural, 18 x 37 ft
2006Parks CanadaThe Battle of OgdensburgHistorical mural, 7 x 10 ft
2005Library & Archives CanadaWW2 Canadian StoriesFigure displays on wood
2004Résidence Lafontaine (Ottawa CA)Caribbean“Trompe l’oeil” mural- 7 x 16 ft
2004UNDP (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)Esperanza & El pilotoExterior murals -12 x 24 ft, 12 x 12 ft
2001Natl Pk of Magdalen Islands (QC)ErosionMural, 8 x 20 ft - Illustrations
2000Marriott Hotel (Ottawa CA)OrcaMural – 10 x 19 ft
2000Canada Aviation & Space MuseumAviation Re-inventedMural Panel – 12 x 5 ft
2000City of Vanier (ON)History of Wine, LCBOMural on banners - 12 x 14 ft
2000City of Vanier (ON)The TramwayMural - 7 x 26 ft
2000City of Vanier (ON)Durocher General Store2 murals
1999Parks CanadaFort WellingtonHistorical Mural -8 x 14 ft
1999City of Kenora (ON)Girl Guides of CanadaMural - 14 x 37 ft
1999City of Pembroke (ON)The GrocerMural - 10 x 14 ft
1999City of Vanier (ON)El Meson“Trompe l’oeil” mural - 18 x 26 ft
1998Cndn Museum of CivilizationFolk Art ExhibitIllustrations
1998Parks CanadaFort MaldenHistorical Murals -7 x 14 ft, 7 x 12 ft
1998Canadian Museum of NaturePink LakeMural - 8 x 8 ft
1998Cndn Museum of CivilizationBoat-People No LongerMural exhibits
1997Canada Aviation & Space MuseumThe Avro Arrow & High FlyersMural - 24 x 83 ft & “Trompe-l’oeil” murals
1997Cndn Museum of CivilizationDressing-Up CanadaMural exhibits
1996Parks CanadaFort St.-Joseph8 life-size figures on wood
1995Parks CanadaSmiths Falls Museum (ON)Figures on Wood – 8 x 20 ft
1995City of Pembroke (ON)The Steamboat3-wall Heritage mural - 15 x 72 ft
1994Parks CanadaBellevue House (Kingston ON)Murals - 10 x 30 ft
1994City of Cornwall (ON)Old Town Hall 1910Heritage mural - 20 x 40 ft
1992Parks CanadaFort MaldenLife-size figures on wood display
1991Canada Science & Tech. MuseumPotato ExhibitJukebox on wood
1991St-Lawrence Islands Natl Pk, (ON)Gunboat, War of 1812“Trompe-l’oeil” mural - 9 x 18 ft
1990Point Pelee National Park (ON)Migration of Birds4 panel mural - 5 x 10 ft ea
1987City of Gloucester (ON)Fantasea Wave Pool19 life-size figures in mura
1984Memories Café (Ottawa CA)The Roaring 20sMural – 8 x 20 ft


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